Umrila Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 1

Umrila is nine years old, in Class One, and is thankful for teachers. She loves to play hackey sack and is incredibly crafty when given the chance to work with her hands. Though quiet in class and seemingly shy, Umrila is a natural learner and picks up lessons in a heart beat. She is fast, efficient , well mannered and overall a smart child.

Umrila has been in the hostel for eight months. In Thehe she lives with three younger brothers, her father, mother and grandmother. Both of her parents are farmers.  Her favorite color is orange, her favorite animal is a cow, and her favorite activity is participating in the speech and debate competitions at the hostel.

She wants to be a Math teacher when she grows up because her favorite subject is Math. Math is easy for her and comes to her naturally. Raj Bahadur Bhandari i(Math teacher) s her favorite teacher because she says he is a good teacher and is kind.  Overall, she wants to learn more Math, simply because it is her favorite subject. Health is her least favorite subject because she finds it difficult to understand.

Umrila loves the hostel because it has given her “many sisters and friends and the opportunity to study.” She would like more staff to be present at the hostel so that the workload can be more evenly distributed. She is most thankful for learning how to work the laptops and would like to have more computer lessons.