Sumitra Bohara

Favorite Subject: 1

Sumitra is nine years old, in Class One and is thankful for teachers. She is the quietest student in Class One and sometimes needs prompting to open up. Outside of the classroom, she spends time with a select few other girls.

She has been at the hostel for five years and is from Thehe village. Both her parents are farmers and she has one older sister and one younger brother. Her favorite color is red, her favorite animal is a cow and her favorite activities are spelling competitions.

Sumitra wants to be an English teacher when she grows up. Her favorite subjects are English and Math simply because she says these subjects are easy for her. While she says English is her strong point, she wishes to learn more Math because she admits she is struggling a little with the subject. Raj Bahadur Bhandari is her favorite hostel teacher because she says he teaches well. Her least favorite subject is Nepali.

She likes that the hostel allows her to study. She wants more teachers, however, because she feels that there are not enough teachers at the hostel.