Sumetra Bhandari

Favorite Subject: UKG

Sumetra is eight years old, in the Upper Kindergarten class, and is thankful for NCF volunteers who visit and stay as guests in the hostel. Sumetra is very reserved but always is an attentive and confident student. Her parents are very grateful to NCF and gracious hosts whenever volunteers trek out to their village. Her mother will visit often, bringing walnuts and other treats for the staff.

She has been here for eight months. Her family consists of her parents, one younger brother and one older sister. Her younger brother has developed a chronic cough and asthma from the smoke and soot that come from the cooking in their home and villages. Regardless he is a very energetic boy and likes to run around with a goat’s foot in his hands as a toy. Both her parents are farmers.

Sumetra’s favorite color is purple, her favorite animal is a cow, and her favorite activity is dancing. She likes English class the best, and wants to grow up to be a nurse.