Subiksha Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 1

Subiksha is eight years old, in Class One, and is thankful for teachers. She is a delight, loves saying good morning as loud as she can in passing. She is extremely animated, gets along well with the other girls and loves to fly through her class work. She is very vocal about being paid attention to and a joy to teach.

Subiksha has lived at the hostel for eight months. She is from Thehe and went to school there for two to three years in Nursery class prior to coming to the hostel. She lives with her father, mother, grandfather, one younger  sister and two younger brothers. Both parents are farmers.

She wants to be a teacher or a nurse when she grows up – she has not fully decided which yet. English  is her favorite subject because it is easy for her,  however, she says her least favorite subject is English grammar because there is a lot of grammar technicalities to learn. Her math teacher Raj is her favorite teacher because she says he teaches well and he is good at it. She wants to learn more Math because she says the books do not have enough for her. She is a well rounded student and great at all subjects, but her best performance is in Science.

Her favorite thing about the hostel is the fact that she is provided with paper and allow her to learn by taking notes and doing homework. She wishes that the hostel can provide more supplies, especially pencils, books and clothes. She would also like more teachers. She enjoyed being provided many lessons in English by the volunteers, and hopes that there are more to follow in the future.

Her favorite color is orange, her favorite animal is a cow and her favorite activity is the quiz competition.