Sonam Lama

Favorite Subject: Nursery

Sonam is seven years old, in the Nursery Class and is thankful for the time tables and schedules/agendas that the hostel implements. Sonam is a brilliant girl who is competitive and assertive in class. She always wants to achieve in class and functions with a slight desperation to please teachers. As such, she is more than comfortable calling for help and getting teacher attention, whenever she feels she needs assistance. Outside of class, she is a spirited child who likes to play with the other girls.

Sonam comes from Baiji Bada, a small area on the outskirts of Dojam. She lives in a two story house with her two fathers (as customary in Lama communities), her mother, two younger sisters, and one younger brother. Her parents are farmers.

Sonam’s favorite color is red , her favorite animal is a buffalo and her favorite activity is a quiz. She says her favorite subject is English and that she wants to grow up to be an engineer.