Sapana Sunar

Favorite Subject: 2

Sapana is eight years old, in Class Two, and is thankful for pictures that volunteers bring. Sapana is one of the quieter girls in Class Two. She never speaks unless prompted and focuses quietly on her own work. She has been at the hostel for five years.

She has one brother and two sisters, all younger. Only her brother goes to school, her two other siblings are currently uneducated. Bother of her parents are farmers. Her favorite color is orange, her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal.

Sapana likes to read, play games and loves to skip rope. Her favorite subect is Social Studies because she says it is easy. On the other hand, she dose not like Math because it is hard. Her best subject is English, she says. Sapana wants to become a nurse in the city when she grows up because she says she wants to help other people. She prefers the city instead of remote areas because she thinks there will be more opportunities in the city.

She likes the hostel because she is given the opportunity to read, play and live with punctual time tables and agendas. She would like to see the hostel have more teachers and create an environment specifically designed for reading and writing.