Sangita Lama

Favorite Subject: 1

Sangita is eight years old, in Class One and is thankful for NCF volunteers who visit and stay as guests at the hostel. Sangita is incredibly well mannered child, never disrespecting or disrupting class time. She quietly does the work in front of her, participates and fully engages, and helps her fellow students. She is quick to grasp lessons and is so helpful in class that she tends to become teacher’s pet.

Sangita has been at the hostel for four years. When not in school, Sangita stays with her aunt and uncle in Baiji  Bada. She is originally from the village of Chimik, but her mother is mentally unstable and has a history of abusing Sangita. Sangita’s mother stays in Chimik with her father and  has also had a history of roaming Humla to find Sangita and to force her to come home. Hostel staff has explained to me how upsetting this can be for Sangita and they make real efforts to protect her from her mother in these instances. Sangita only sees her mother about once a year and her father about three to five times per year. She also has one younger brother and one younger sister.

Sangita’s favorite color is orange, her favorite animal is a cow, and quiz competitions are her favorite activities.  She wants to be an English teacher when she grows up because English is her favorite subject and because it is the most internationally used language and easiest way to communicate with the world. Her best subject is Science. Her favorite teacher is Raj Bahadur Bhandari because she says he teaches well at a variety of subject. Nepali grammar is her least favorite subject because she finds it boring, and she prefers learning English grammar.

Sangita would like to be able to learn how to use the computer more because her time using it was extremely limited thus far. She would like more help with Math because she feel that there is enough in the text books alone to prepare her. She likes the hostel simply because it provides a good environment to study. She really likes to read and she wishes for more books at the hostel so that she can read and study thoroughly. Her favorite volunteer activities thus far are learning how to write letters and write in cursive.