Ruguma Bohara

Favorite Subject: 2

Ruguma is 11 years old, in Class Two, and is thankful for the NCF hostel. At first encounter, Ruguma seems very serious and shy, but she is actually very quick to engage in class and extremely curious. She always pushes herself to try and perfect every lesson that comes her way. Seeing her smile and laugh is the best treat one can get.

She has been at the hostel for seven months and already fits in perfectly with the other girls. Her parents are divorced and both remarried, extending her sibling  base exponentially. Her stepmother is a young woman who has children from another marriage, and her mother has one boy and one girl with her new stepfather.

Ruguma’s favorite color is green, her favorite animal is a buffalo because she says it provides milk, and her  favorite activities are dancing, playing games, and skipping rope. She wants to be an English  teacher when she grows up.

Her favorite subject is Social Studies because she says it helps her learn about other societies and communities and how to solve bigger problems. She does not like General Knowledge because she finds it difficult. She wants to learn more of Math, which is her best subject where she gets the highest marks. Her favorite teacher is Raj Bahadur Bhandari, the hostel Math teach. She needs the most help with Science.

Ruguma likes that the hostel  gives her the opportunity to read and write, and likes the facilities that are provided. She would like to see more stationary and new clothes provided at the hostel. She would like to learn more Math, Health, Science, Social Studies, and English.