Rama Bhandari

Favorite Subject: Nursery

Rama is six year old, is in the Nursery class, and is thankful for teachers. She sits at one of the corner tables in her classroom but is always so eager to learn that she is usually found sitting up on her hind legs in her chair to get a better view of the board. She is quick on a smile and loves to play with the other students. In class, Rama loves answering questions and is an overall very bright child.

She has been at the hostel for eight months and has quickly made friends. In her home village of Thakla she has parents, both farmers, a rambunctious older brother named Chako, one younger brother and one younger sister. Her father is a very grateful man who has thanked NCF profusely in previous trek visitations for giving his daughter a chance at education.

Rama’s favorite color is purple, her favorite animal is a cat, and she loves to dance. Her favorite subject is English but when she grows up, Rama wants to become a Nepali teacher.