Putali Lama

Favorite Subject: UKG

Putali is six years old, in the Upper Kindergarten class, and is thankful for teachers. Putali is a fairly shy girl, spending most of her time with her friends from Dojam or the girls in Kindergarten and Nursery. She rarely spends time with the older girls. She loves engaging activities in class and when she laughs you can see her huge smile a mile away. More often than not, Putali has found some chewing gum and she can be found chomping on gum all day long around the hostel.

She has  been at the hostel for eight months. As customary in the Lama communities, she says she has two fathers and a mother. She is the oldest in her family with two younger brothers and one younger sister. All three of her parents are farmers.

Her favorite color is orange, her favorite animal is a cow, and her favorite subject is Science. She loves to dance . When she grows up she wants to be a nurse. Putali in Nepali also means “butterfly”.