Pema Lama

Favorite Subject: 1

Pema is eight years old, in Class One and is thankful for the NCF hostel. Pema is quick on a smile when she has been recognized, and the biggest trouble maker at the hostel. She likes to push the envelope and see how far she can get away with things. She stays close with her Dojam friends but her personality is contagious and all the girls like to play with Pema. Pema can usually be found wrestling or playing aggressive tag, and often communicates by barking orders at everyone.

She has been at the hostel for eight months but is fitting in perfectly. She is originally from Dojam where she lives with her father, mother and two older brothers. Bother her parents are farmers and are proud, happy people. Her father is missing an arm and wears a blue/gray windbreaker jacket with the empty sleeve hanging loosely down his side. Pema’s father is grateful for everything that NCF has been able to provide for Pema and the girls so far, but is a concerned parent always thinking  towards the future. He has voiced his concerns in parent-staff discussions for the sustainability of the program and insurance of continued education for his child in the long term.

Pema’s favorite color is blue, favorite animal is a cow and favorite activity is to dance. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She says her favorite subject is English because it is easy for her, but she does not like the General Knowledge classes because she feels that they are difficult and that she is not good in that subject.  She excels in Social Studies and is always asking for more of those lessons. She says she wants to learn more of everything because there are never enough classes for her.

She likes the hostel because she says it provides teachers for her from who she can learn. Pema would like more nurses to come check up on them, or simply more nurses in general because she feels that there are not enough. She enjoys that volunteers teach her more about English grammar and would like for volunteers to continue teaching grammar when they visit.