Pabitra Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 2

Pabitra is nine years old, in Class Two and is thankful for teachers. Pabitra is a firecracker of a child. Seemingly shy and quiet, she is actually an incredibly strong and opinionated girl who acts like one of the older girls even though she is a very petite child. She resembles a bird, constantly twittering and chirping non-stop as she opens up her talkative personality, laughing at everything, and very hyperactive. She tends to talk aloud to herself in class, read everything aloud whether or not anybody is listening, and always wants to try everything herself. Everybody at the hostel loves Pabitra and she plays with older and younger girls alike.

If Pabitra is not helping the other girls braid their hair before morning assembly or during lunch break, she is often found skipping rope or playing some serious games of tag with the other girls. She loves going up to the board to do work, speaks excellent English and grasps lessons quickly. She has picked up cursive handwriting quickly and has mastered a variety of card games. She often runs around with two pigtails and a cheeky little smile.

Pabitra has been at the hostel for five years. She has one older brother and two older sisters. One sister is married and the other siblings are going to school in Thehe. Her father died when she was younger and her mother remarried and is working as a farmer.

Her favorite color is orange and her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Her favorite subject is English and although it is her best subject, she says she still needs the most help in this area. Her favorite teacher is Raj Bahadur Bhandari, the hostel math teacher. She says her least favorite subject is Social Studies because she finds it very hard and too much to remember. She wants to learn more Nepali. Her favorite  things about the hostel are the facts that she can study, have the opportunities to read, write and make friends, and eat. She would like to see more computers, laptops and seasonal clothing provided.