Manisha Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 2

Manisha is 10 years old, in Class Two, and is thankful for the NCF hostel. She tends to be shy in class with the teachers, but around the other students, Manisha comes to life. She can be seen helping NCF staff and babysitting their children, and loves, loves, loves to play.

She has been at the hostel for eight months. She has two older brothers and one older sister, and both of her parents are farmers. Manisha’s favorite color is orange and her favorite animal is a sheep because it provides wool and milk.

When she grows up she wants to be a Math teacher. Her best subject is Math, but her favorite subject is Social Studies because she says it is fun to study. She does not like Health because she finds it difficult, but would like to learn more Health along with Science when volunteers come to visit. Manisha says she needs the most help with English. Her favorite activities are reading and writing.

Overall, Manisha thinks that the hostel has a good environment but she would like to suggest an improvement of more laptops and computer access.