Mamata Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 4

Mamata is 11 years old, in Class Four, and is thankful for NCF volunteers who visit and stay as guests at the hostel. She is incredibly shy and reserved, always acting like a lady and never roughhouses. She has one stunted hand that she takes careful attention to hide .

She has been at the hostel for five years. She has two brothers who  both go to school (one younger, one older), and an older sister who is already married.Both of her parents are farmers.

Mamata’s favorite color is light blue. Her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal, and her favorite activity is playing games. She would  like to be a primary school Social Studies teacher when she grows up because she says it is important. Her favorite subject is of course Social Studies because she likes to learn about other cultures and people. Her least favorite subject is Science because she finds it very hard and that it requires drawing pictures that are difficult. Her favorite teacher is her English teacher and she wants to learn more of Social Studies. She needs the most help with Math and her best subjects are English and Social Studies.

The reading activities are what she likes best about the hostel. She would like to have more books to read, in particular history books. When volunteers visit she would like to learn more Math, English and Social Studies.