Karisma Pariyar

Favorite Subject: 3

Karisma is 11 years old, in Class Three, and is thankful for those who are helping her to achieve more in life. Karisma is reserved but sweet, taking her time to warm up to strangers. But once she does, she will always offer a contented and worth-the-wait smile.

She has been here for five years. She has two younger siblings. Her brother is in Nursery and her sister is in Class One. Her family is of lower caste and do not own land, so her family and parents specifically work as field laborers. Her father and grandfather also work as tailors. Whether it is by nature or by habit of being lower caste, Karisma tends to keep a respectful distance. She is incredibly pleased whenever we interact with her physically- hugging her, including her, giving her individual attention. She needs more attentive TLC.

Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite animal is a cow because she says it is a useful animal. Her favorite activity is reading and writing. She wants to be an English teacher when she grows up, which is fitting because her favorite subject is English. Her least favorite subject is math because she finds it difficult. She wants to learn more of English and Social Studies and says that she needs the most help with Math and English. Her best subject is General Knowledge.

Her favorite things about the hostel are that she has the opportunities to read, write, and dance. She would like to see more computers and English reading books, and a bigger variety of library books. She wants to learn more Social Studies and English Grammar from volunteers, and in return wants to teach volunteers Nepali dance.