Kalumdara Bohara

Favorite Subject: UKG

Kalumdara is nine years old, in the Upper Kindergarten class, and is thankful for NCF volunteers who visit and stay as guests at the hostel. As one of the older girls in the UKG class, she tends to lead the younger girls in  Kindergarten and Nursery, and the younger girls look up to Kalumdara as a big sister figure. She is very vocal in class and the first to volunteer, and is clearly excited to learn more English.

Kalumdara comes from Thehe where she has parents who are both farmers, two older brothers, one older sister and one younger sister. She has been at the hostel for eight months and is already fitting in with the girls in her class as well as the other girls her age outside of her class. She says she likes the hostel because they have provided her with “many sisters”.

Her favorite color is green, her favorite animal is a dog, and she loves to dance. She wants to be an English teacher when she grows up and says that her best subject is in English. Her favorite subject however is Social Studies because she says it is easy. And while Nepali language class is her least favorite, she does like the Nepali teacher, Ganga, because she talks nicely to the students.

Kalumdara would like more math lessons and to have more time with the computers so she can learn how to use them better. She loved learning how to write letters with us and would like more opportunities to write more letters.