Kalpana Bohara

Favorite Subject: 4

Kalpana is 11 years old, in Class Four, and is thankful for acts of kindness. She is by far the bookworm of the bunch, and is the first to disappear after dinner to get a head start on her homework. We have to make a conscious effort to get her to put her work down just to take some time to socialize and play. Kalpana is incredibly intuitive, mature and bright. She will go far in life.

She has been here for five years. She has one brother and one sister, both younger. While her brother goes to school, her younger sister, age five, does not. Her mother has a crippled leg but still works as a farmer alongside Kalpana’s father in the fields.

Kalpana’s favorite color is bright green. Her favorite animals are cows because she says they are useful, providing milk and butter, and because they are the national animal. Her favorite activities are participating in the quiz contests at the hostel, reading, writing, giving speeches, and playing with the other girls.  She is thankful that the hostel provides the opportunity to study, play and meet new friends.

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up because she  says that “all students get knowledge from the teacher”, and she wants to specifically teach English for primary school. When asked where she sees herself in the future, she simply stated that she wants to be a good person in the future.  She has great influences around her, and her favorite teacher is her English teacher because she  says he has good manners and respects children.

Her favorite subjects are English and Nepal because she likes both languages and because Nepali is her country language. She finds Math very difficult and likes the subject the least. She is a voracious student and wants to learn more of all subjects, not just one, though she does say that she needs more help with English, Social Studies, and Science.  Kalpana would like to see more computers at the hostel, and more classes around English and Math.