Janaki Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 2

Janaki is 10 years old, in Class Two, and is thankful for the NCF hostel. She is extremely quiet and reserved but will sneak a smile in from time to time. Janaki likes to stay in the background and watch from afar, but once engaged, she will stay committed to the task at hand until she is completed. She has a faint scar under her right eye from a childhood accident.

Janaki has been at the hostel for five years. She has two brothers, one young and one older, in addition to one younger sister.  Both of her parents are farmers.  Her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal and because it provides milk. Her favorite color is red, and she likes to read, write and play games, in particular badminton.

When Janaki grows up she would like to be a Social Studies teacher. She says she wants to help society and do social work. Social Studies is also her favorite subject because she finds it very easy and learns a lot.  Her least favorite subject is Science because she thinks it is too hard, and she says she needs the most help with Math because it is difficult.

Janaki’s favorite thing about the hostel is the fact that it has computers. She also says that she likes that she can play at the hostel with friends, and is really happy at the hostel. Her only suggestions for improving the hostel is to improve the resources for classes- she would like to see more teachers, stationary, books and material.