Jamuna Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 3

Jamuna is 11 years old, in Class Three, and is thankful for the NCF Hostel. Jamuna is one of the most demanding, outspoken and social girls of the bunch. She is always first to interact with us and eager to learn, as well as teach. She does have her shy moments though, and hates to dance publicly.

She has been here for five years. She has two brothers, one younger and one older, who both go to school in Thehe. Both of her parents are farmers.

Her favorite color is orange and her favorite animal is a cow because it provides milk. Her favorite activity is reading. When she grows up, Jamuna wants to be a nurse in the remote areas of Humla, and not in the city – she knows there’s a need of medical resources in the district.

Her favorite subject is English because she says that it is very important. Her favorite teacher is her General Knowledge and Nepali Language teacher. Her least favorite subject is science because she finds it very hard. She wants to learn more English and needs more help with Science. She says her best subject is Social Studies.

She is very much attached to NCF and volunteers who come to visit. She is very afraid of being forgotten and holds NCF very close to her heart. Her favorite thing about the hostel is that she can read and play with the other girls. She would love to have more books and clothes provided at the hostel.