Chhiring Lama

Favorite Subject: Nursery

Chhiring is seven years old, in the Nursery Class and is thankful for the NCF hostel. Chhiring is incredibly sweet and eager to learn and do well in classes. She often plays with her Dojam friends but gets along wonderfully with the other girls as well. She is usually sporting a pink hoodie sweater with a bunny stitched to the front. When her mother comes to visit, Chhiring will crawl immediately to her mother’s lap.

She has been at the hostel for eight months. As customary in Lama communities, Chhiring has two fathers in addition to her mother, older sister and two older brothers. Her parents are farmers but Chhiring would like to grow up and be a Nepali teacher.

Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite animal is a cow, and her favorite subject is English. Chhiring loves to dance and is always the first volunteer and at the front lines of Nepali Dance Fridays.