Bipana Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 3

Bipana is 10 years old, in Class Three and is thankful for NCF volunteers who come to visit and stay as guests at the hostel. Bipana is very polite and ladylike, acting much more mature than her age—so much so that even the hostel staff are always seen lounging around her. She is quiet but curious, has a very calm disposition, and is a rockstar at hackeysack.

She has been at the hostel for five years. She has two brothers, one younger and one older, and two sisters, both younger. They are all lucky enough to go to school. Her mother and stepfather are both farmers. Bipana’s father died when she was younger, and in order to keep the family together her mother married Bipana’s uncle.

Bipana wants to grow up to be a doctor In the remote areas so she can help all the poor families who do not have access to health care. She says that the Humla area is our motherland, so the people are waiting and hoping for health support and new doctors. Charged with the memory and past history of her father’s death, her family approves and also would like to see her become a doctor.

Bipana’s favorite color is hot pink, her favorite animal is a duck because it swims in the water, and her favorite activity is skipping rope. She needs the most help with Social Studies but finds that it is also her favorite subject because she says it is important. Her least favorite subject is General Knowledge because she finds trivia hard. Bipana’s favorite teacher is her English teacher, and she wants to learn more Math.

Her favorite thing about the hostel is the opportunity she is given to study and that it is very regulated and organized. She would, however, like to see more computers. She would like volunteers to continue teaching her computers, Math and English.