Binita Bhandari

Favorite Subject: 3

Binita is nine years old, in Class Three, and is thankful for those who  are helping her grow in life. Binita is alert and bright eyed, acting well past the age of nine. She has been here for five years and her favorite activities are reading, writing and poetry.

She has two younger brothers who are also going to school. Her youngest brother is in Class Four at his school, but compared to educational standards in Nepal, his Class Four level is on par with a Class One level. Both of her parents are farmers.

Binita’s favorite color is light pink and her favorite animal is a sheep because she says it is good meat. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up so that she can help sick people in the remote areas, help her village and all of Humla. Her favorite subject is English because she says she is interested in reading. Her least favorite subject is science because she finds it hard to read and understand. She yearns to learn more of Math and Nepali, and the subjects she needs the most help with is Math and English. She does claim that her best subject is English.

Her favorite things about the hostel are the opportunities to read and to live by time tables/regulated schedules. She wants to see more laptops and computers at the hostel and wants volunteers to teach her more English and Math. In turn, she says she wants to teach volunteers how to Nepali dance.