Bandana Bohara

Favorite Subject: 5

Bandana is ten years old, in Class Five, and is thankful for those who are helping her grow in life. Bandana is one of the brightest girls in her age group and very mature, acting well beyond her years. She is one of the eight captains, a star student, and an excellent role model for the children . She is very well grounded, reserved when she needs to be and definitely outspoken when she wants to be. In class she is very demanding about being taught more, more, more. She loves to learn.

Bandana has been at the hostel for five years. She is the oldest in her family, with one younger brother and three younger sisters. Only her brother and one sister goes to school. Both of her parents are farmers, and they want her to be a doctor when she grows up to help sick people. Bandana shares this dream and also wants to be a doctor, specifically for the Humla region. She says that in the remote areas there is a bigger need for doctors, and she would prefer to practice in Humla because there are already so many doctors in the cities. She would like to specifically be an adult/general practitioner.

As such, her favorite subject is obviously Science and Biology, and she performs best in Science. She loves to study and loves to help the other students with Science and Math homework. Her least favorite subject is Social Studies because she finds it hard. She needs the most help with Social Studies and Math, especially algebra. Her favorite teacher is her English teacher and she wants to learn more of history and poetry.

Bandana’s favorite color is light green, her favorite animal is a cow because it provides milk, and her favorite activities are speech competitions and quiz competitions that are held at the hostel. She says she is very competitive. She loves the hostel study environment and the time tables. She wishes the hostel could provide a bigger library, with more books and textbooks in both English and Nepali. She wants volunteers to teach her more Science and Math, and in turn she would like to teach volunteers Nepali.