Asmita Bohara

Favorite Subject: UKG

Asmita is eight years old, in the Upper Kindergarten class, and is thankful for NCF volunteers who visit and stay as guests in the hostel. Asmita tends to fly under the radar because she is fairly quiet. She is far from shy, but she tends to be more reserved than the other girls. However, she does participate in class and is always ready to reward people with a smile.

She has been at the hostel for eight months. Her family in Thehe consist of her grandfather, father, mother, two uncles, one aunt, and four younger sisters. Her parents are farmers and her uncle is a teacher. She says that there are too many family members so oftentimes there is not enough food to go around.

Asmita wants to grow up to be an English teacher. Her favorite subject is English. Her favorite color is green, her favorite animal is a cow and she loves to sing.