Aslika Sunar

Favorite Subject: 3

Aslika is 11 years old, in  Class Three, and is thankful for those who are helping her excel in life. She is an apparent leader of the group, always first to manage the younger girls and keep them in line. She is always alert and watchful of her surroundings.

She has been at the hostel for five years. She has one brother, three older sisters and one younger sister. Only her  younger sister and brother go to school because her family cannot afford to fund all of their children’s educations. Both of her parents are farmers.

Her favorite color is light green, her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal, and her favorite activity is dancing.  When she grows p she wants to be a Social Studies teacher because she says the subject is important and teaches students how to help poorer people. She says her parents just want her to be a good person no matter what her job is in life.

Her favorite subjects are English and Social Studies. She says English is an easy language to communicate and important because it is used internationally. Her least favorite subject is Science because it requires a lot of drawing in class, which becomes difficult. Aslika wants to learn more Social Studies and English, and needs the most help with all subjects. Her best performing subjects are English and Nepali.

Aslika’s favorite thing about the hostel is the food. She suggests improving the hostel by providing more text books and reading books. She wants to learn more Math and English from volunteers who visit.