Anjali Bohara

Favorite Subject: 5

Anjali is 11 years old, in Class Five, and is thankful for those who are helping her achieve more in life. She has a gentle spirit and is extremely quick on a sweet and genuine smile. She loves helping the hostel staff with personal errands and in turn, the staff trusts Anjali with everything, including babysitting their own children.

Anjali has been at the hostel for five years. She is the youngest in the family with two older brothers and two older sisters. Both of her parents are famers in Thehe and her father is blind in one eye.

Her favorite color is hot pink and her favorite animal is a cow because it is the national animal of Nepal. Her favorite activities are reading and dancing. On Friday evenings when the hostel hosts a dance night, Anjali is the first to dance and the prettiest to watch.

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up and teach English because it is important. Her favorite teacher is her English teacher because she says he has given her much knowledge. Her least favorite subject is Nepali because she says she does not want to learn something that she already knows and at which she is already excelling. She does want to learn more of Math, in particular geometry  and algebra, and needs help with Science.

What she likes best about the hostel is that she has friends here. She says she has seven best friends. In her opinion, the hostel can improve by having more helping hands and support.