Amrita Bohara

Favorite Subject: 2

Amrita is seven years old, in Class Two, and is thankful for teachers. She is the quietest and shyest in her class, and needs to be prompted to actively engage in lessons. Outside of the classroom she remains fairly quiet, keeping to herself or sitting peacefully with friends.

Amrita has been at the hostel for five years. She has three younger sisters and bother her parents are farmers. Her favorite animal is a cow because it provides milk, her favorite color is red and her favorite activities are reading and writing.

English is her favorite subject and she wants to be an English teacher when she grows up because she says English is big and important. Her least favorite subject is Math because it is hard.

She likes the hostel for the opportunities given to her to read, write, and play. When asked  what makes her happy, she responded playing games and being with friends. Her suggestion for improving the hostel is having more teachers and developing better learning opportunities. She wants to learn more Science with volunteers.