Simikot Girls’ Hostel

 The Simikot Hostel and School for Girls is located in the Humla district in the far northwest corner of Nepal. Humla is one of the poorest and most remote districts of Nepal and is home to 45,000 people. While this secluded region is rich in breathtaking scenery and Himalayan culture, most of the Humla district lacks basic development and infrastructure such as roads, irrigation and electricity.

Simikot is the main village in Humla.  It is a five hour walk from Thehe Village, where most of the students come from. The founding of the Simikot Girls’ Hostel, a boarding facility for 50 girls and 4 staff members, allows the girls access to improved schooling in Simikot.  The hostel provides boarding, school uniforms, nutritious meals, and leadership experiences. The hostel provides paid employment for four Thehe villagers who assist with the farming, cooking, maintenance, caring for and overseeing the girls.