Directors and Staff

Phil Crean


Born and raised on a small sheep farm in New Zealand, Phil has lived in Seattle since 1990. Phil is co-president of a seafood company and is actively involved in a range of organizations in Seattle.

Cora Edmonds


Born in Hong Kong and raised in North America, Cora is the founder and director of ArtXchange Gallery, an international contemporary art gallery in Seattle. Cora’s research of indigenous cultures and passion for photography have kept her traveling extensively, documenting many minority cultures through the lens of her camera.

Chimey Sherpa

Country Representative

The first employee of NCF, Chimey was born in Nepal and brought up in Darjeeling, India. He has spent the last 20 years involved in social work, trekking and guiding in the Himalaya region. He also holds the office of President for Project Himalaya and works as a representative for Rose Foundation. Chimey is the General Manager of NCF Nepal operations.

Suresh Bohara

Project Manager

Suresh Bohara serves as the NCF representative living in Thehe village. Suresh completed his degree in sociology in Kathmandu and is returning to his home village to support the development of his community.

Sandy Clark


Sandy, a northwest native, divides her time between Seattle, Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal. She is an Advisor to Partners Asia, a small NGO serving the people of Myanmar, and is an active member of various other international organizations in Seattle.

Volunteer Support Staff

Special thanks to Lauren Davis, Mugoux Varra, Megan and Tad Williams, and our many administrative and teaching volunteers.